Sandy Smith Appearances

February Special
Offer good through February 28, 2015

Gift Certificates available
Energetic or Manifestation Healings $90 a $10 Savings

Psychic Readings $100 a $20 Savings
50/50 30 Min Psychic Reading &
30 Min Energetic Healing $150 a $10 Saving

Pet Healing or Pet Communication $95

Spiritual Cleansing for your Home or Business *$15 off

Note: All Sessions are 1 Hour and do not include travel fees when applicable
*Price depends o size and location of your home or business


Guided Meditation
Every Wednesday Evening
Meditations are Free
Limited Seating
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Call to secure your space
(562) 708-7345
Location: Glendale CA


Healing Clinic

If you need a quick fix consider a 15 minute healing session
Energetic Healing Sessions 15 minutes $35.00

This is a great way to get re-focused and re-centered while regaining a sense of peace and clarity, physical /emotional healing and grounded

Remote healings are available as well. I do require a picture of the individual seeking the healing in advance

Healing sessions can apply to Pets too

If you are feeling anxious, dull, have sadness or grief, scattered thinking, physical or emotional ailments, or you lack motivation, schedule a 15 minute healing session to get you back on track, feeling better and in-powered

Healings by Appointment Only
Appointments secured with MasterCard or Visa only
There is a 24 hours cancellation policy or client will be charged for the session

Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment

Location: 634 Myrtle Street, Glendale CA 91203
Contact Sandy Smith (562) 708-7345
Sandy Smith Blog
Sandy Smith on Facebook

I have had a couple of energetic healing sessions with Sandy and was surprised how much better I could feel after a 15 minute session. The healing helped to jump start me and afterwards I felt like I got back in the energy was much higher, I was a lot clearer in my thinking and I felt grounded again.Sandy is a gifted healer! Melody, Sunland, CA

I was at a pet event to have a short session with Sandy. I was distraught because my beloved dog past and I really had no idea what I needed. I just needed to feel better. Sandy did a quick fix healing and I was amazed how much easier it was for me to deal with my sorrow. Since, I've seen Sandy several times.Melissa, Beverly Hills CA

Please visit Sandy's blog to see New Services Available; Couples Sessions, Candle Healing Therapy and much more.


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