Manifest Healing Meditation

Manifestation Healing Meditation

You can have your heart’s desire and find your purpose in life. Sandy will help you tune into the Universal Source to re-create your world and bring into fruition your dreams, goals and desires.

Sandy Smith is pleased to offer individualized Manifestation Healing Meditations specifically for you! This new and unique healing technique was created by Sandy to simultaneously clear energetic blockages, emotions and thinking to expand your consciousness and re-align your energy so you can resonate at the same frequency of what you want to manifest in your life.

Manifesting Meditations can help you to:
Define Your Purpose
Focus on Your Desires
Reach Your Goals
Create Peace, Happiness and Better Health

Through a personal guided meditation you can create a new reality to bring in happiness, success, peace, self-empowerment, better physical and emotional well-being, and a sense of purpose and most importantly deal with the fears, emotions and mental chatter that prevents you from moving past your obstructions and obstacles that create limitations and lack of vision.
By tapping into the Universal Source, God as it is referred to, we can literally create miracles in our lives. This is where all thoughts are created and manifest into our reality. Everything is created by energy and we are using the universal energy to change and re-create our lives. We are re-programming our consciousness which then opens the channels to self-discovery, optimism, joy, success and drive. It’s that simple!
Our thoughts can hold us in bondage. But by changing our thoughts, beliefs and emotions and removing blockages, we can alter and re-form how things manifest in our world and be in-tune to what we want and feel we deserve. Through your individualized, channeled meditation, Sandy will bring healing to any obstructions or blockages and help you to achieve energetic flow to support you on your new journey of manifesting and self-discovery.

After just one session with Sandy, people are saying:
” I can feel it happening” ” I can now see it” ” I can have it” Instead of,
“I can’t believe that I’m capable” ” I don’t see how that will happen” “I can’t have that”
If you are ready to live a life of self-discovery, self-empowerment, optimism and contentment then let Sandy help create that world with you!
Prior to your session, Sandy will ask you to focus on what you truly desire for yourself on a heart level. It is extremely important that you are in alignment with what you really want. If you are not clear to what you desire, then Sandy can intuitively help you discover what is for your highest good at the time of the session.
During your session Sandy will incorporate your specific goals in a personal Manifestation Meditation by channeling spirit to guide her on mastering your journey. Shape-shifting your reality!
The initial session of creating your Manifestation Healing Meditation is important, equally important is you doing your part, you’re vested in changing and recreating your world. This means you have to find time, make a commitment to listening to the recording as often as you like or preferably at least once a day.
The session is recorded and emailed as an MP3. Many clients download the meditation to their cell phones or I-phones to listen anytime and anywhere.

Testimonials: Dear Sandy, The guided meditation we did after my healing was absolutely incredible. I have a clear picture in my mind of my personal goal and the thoughts get clearer every time I use the recorded MP3 you sent me. I listen to the meditation in my garden and even when at work with all the students out of the room at recess. My goal appears closer than ever. What a joy to clearly visualize what I want. It makes me happier when I listen as I can add details and colors as I listen and visualize. I never had this guided meditation before, especially with it recorded so I can meditate again when I want. This was wonderful!!! Thank you so much. You are such a joy!!! ~Joan

Testimonial Regarding Guided Personal Meditation I have been seeing Sandy for a year and she has literally changed my life. Besides the healing and guidance she has provided me, her specific meditation has been life changing.
Basically we had a personal healing and meditation session, which she records and sends to you via email that you can download and hear anytime. After our first session I listened to it before I went to sleep every night for like 2 weeks. Then I started listening to it a few times a week. I’ve been into meditation for awhile and generic meditations are great, but to have one personally designed for you is literally out of this world.
At the time of our meditation I was getting ready to move back to NYC. A good portion of it focused on finding my dream apt. Well if anyone knows anything about finding an apt in NYC you know how extremely difficult it is. Not helping the situation was my compromised credit. I knew it was going to be hard, but Sandy kept encouraging me and putting me at peace, assuring me that I was going to find the best place and go to NYC with enough money saved to get my apt.
Well long story short, I found my dream apt today, exactly as Sandy described it in my mediation. I mean absolutely exact from the layout to the windows to the kitchen and the closets, to the location – it was perfect. The problem was qualifying. Well this building happened to be enrolled with an agency that would act as a guarantor for a certain fee. I applied and even with my terrible credit they agreed to insure me for my lease.
I had originally said that between all fees, extra large deposit to make up for my credit, broker fees, first and security, I did not want to pay more than $15k. Well with all of that I am at exactly $14,900.
I am beyond excited. I cannot believe how amazing that meditation was and how on point. I had all the extra money and got my dream apt. By the way I have only been listening to it for 3 weeks. I got it on August 31st. Now on September 24th, I just got the approval for my dream apt.
In addition to all of this, her voice is soooo soothing and peaceful. It immediately places you in that relaxed state you need to be in to manifest.
It is worth every penny and has already paid me back 100 fold. Cant wait until the other stuff starts manifesting too 🙂 Trust me and get this meditation done. It is truly life changing. ~Adela, NYC

Manifesting Healing Mediation with Sandy
Intentions without desire have very little power to manifest, Sandy has shown me this.
Do your goals conflict with your personality? After months of struggling with the goals I set for myself, and not being happy or inspired about them, finally I have gained clarity on what Sandy meant by aligning my personality with my goals. One of those moments of…………………….oh, I get it! Immediately after the initial Healing Meditation, I felt a sense of peace and felt so excited to begin a new journey in my life. Fear was gone, now my purpose is able to soar. Without hesitation, with in 3 days, I signed up for school for Hypnosis! And within 5 days, I was sitting in class!
I’m now creating the life I want….. instead of, going in whatever direction the wind blows.
Sandy, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long time…Im on a new adventure to write a new chapter ~Dianne

I have been working with Sandy for only a short period of time receiving healings (energy work) and Manifestation Healing Meditations, which I listen to almost every night before retiring, my life has completely changed! I am a student in the 11th grade and have been concerned with being able to obtain good grades and most of all confidence.
Since I’ve been working with Sandy, my grades have been all A’s and my school work is easy! I am no longer afraid to study and know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to do. Sandy unblocked my fear, which was holding me back! Thank you Sandy, I will now be able to live my dream and go to a great college and become a doctor! ~Juliet Smith.

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